Hello, I’m

John Dorer

And I would like to be your constable.

About Me

My name is John Dorer and I would like to represent you as Constable for Justice Precinct One.

A Constable is an elected Peace Officer of the County and their Judicial Precinct. A Constable is also the Executive Officer of their Justice Precinct. Pima County Constables serve all of Pima County, which is the 7th largest county in the nation encompassing 9,241 square miles containing over 1 million residents.
            The Constable's office serves Civil and Criminal papers of the Pima Justice Court, Pima County agencies/departments, and those papers received from out of area courts equivalent to the level of our Justice Court.
            I am a native Tucsonan. I graduated from Rincon High School and the University of Arizona where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. I met my wife Paula shortly after my graduation from College and we were married in February of 1989. We have been married 30 wonderful years and have three fantastic adult children Chelsie, Jacob and Jessica. 
            When I was in College I was working at Sears and offered a job in loss prevention. We stopped over 500 people a year for shoplifting, so I had a lot of contact with law enforcement Officers. After several conversations the Officers convinced me to test for the Tucson Police Department. I tested for the Tucson Police Department shortly after College  graduation and was eventually hired by TPD in October of 1989.

I served as an Officer in TPD Team Two west division for nearly five years and then went into to the Major Offenders Unit. I was promoted to Detective in 1996 and have served in many different units including Fraud, Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Adult sexual Assault and Homicide.  I retired from the TPD in 2010 and went to work for the University of Arizona Police Department where I could assist my children with their tuition. In 2011 I was assigned to the Detective unit at UAPD which is where I serve today. I plan to leave the U of A at the end of 2020 with over 30 years in law enforcement.

                I look forward to serving as your Constable for the next four years.



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